Combined Locks, Wisconsin

Liturgy Volunteers


Liturgical Ministry Volunteers at Mass

A liturgical ministry volunteer is anyone who helps in any capacity at Mass. This includes altar servers, lectors, ushers, greeters, extraordinary ministers of holy communion, and musicians. Without all these dedicated and talented people offering their time and talents, our experience at Mass would be very different!

If you are interested in learning more about how you can help in one of the roles listed above, please email Gina or call 920.788.5711.



An Altar Server assists Father and Deacon as Mass is celebrated. Anyone who has received their First Holy Communion may be an altar server. Deacon Dave will do a simple training with you, usually after the Mass you normally attend. You'll then be scheduled to serve for a few weeks/months with a more experienced server to "get your feet wet." Altar serving is wonderful way to get a "front row seat" of the what happens at the Holy Mass! 


A Lector proclaims the Scriptures to the assembly. God's word is "living and effective," and lectors help everyone engage with the Word of God by prayerfully reading the Scripture texts. If you would like to be a lector, Maggie will meet with you and provide you with a workbook for preparing to lector.


An Usher helps people finding seating, administers the offering collection, and maintains the flow of people during the Communion procession. Ushers also observe to see if anyone in the assembly needs help or extra assistance during Mass. Ushers usually work in teams of at least two adults; children/teens may usher as long as there are adult ushers present. 


A Hospitality Minister smiles and greets everyone who arrives at St. Paul's for Mass! The warm welcome they provide "sets the tone" for a hospitably experience at Mass, especially for visitors. Hospitality Ministers also hand out parish bulletins after the conclusion of Mass. Anyone can be a minister of hospitality! 


An Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion, or EMHC for short, brings Jesus Christ in the Eucharist to those who are otherwise unable to join the communion line, such as anyone using the Saint Peregrine side chapel or the musicians/choir. Sometimes an EMHC may distribute the Eucharist in one of the communion lines, if needed. Anyone who has received the three Sacraments of Initiation (Baptism, Confirmation, and Eucharist) may be trained as an EMHC; please email Deacon Dave or call 920.788.4553 to sign up!


A Musician enhances the worship of God by singing or playing an instrument during Mass. Our music director, Gina Schmalz, schedules, trains, and rehearses with musicians. If you'd like to join our Music Ministry, email Gina or call 920.788.5711.