Combined Locks, Wisconsin


FLOCK Family Faith Formation

Families Living Our Catholic Koinonia


Each part of the FLOCK name has important meaning!

Families: The foundation of any society is the family, which includes not just parents and their own kids, but also grandparents, extended family, and others. But families are hard work! Saint Pope John Paul II said, “To maintain a joyful family requires much from both the parents and the children. Each member of the family has to become, in a special way, the servant of the others.” To support each other in this hard work of family life, FLOCK is oriented around all our families journeying in faith together.

Living: If we just hear and learn about Jesus and Church, and don’t do much with that information, it isn’t very helpful. As individuals, families, and a parish community, living out our faith in our actions is where the “rubber meets the road” of our walk with Jesus.

Our: Faith and life in Jesus Christ and his Church is personal, “my faith,” but it’s also communal, “our faith.” We need each other!

Catholic: We are blessed to be part of the Catholic Church! Our community goes back all the way directly to Jesus and his Apostles, and we have over two   thousand years of wisdom to draw from and the   prayers of the Saints in heaven. We are proud to be Catholic!

Koinonia: {pronounced “COIN-an-NEE-ah”} This word is Ancient Greek, and was often used in the Early Church to describe the fellowship, love, and support among the friends and followers of Jesus Christ. In the Bible, Hebrews 10:25 says, "Do not neglect to meet together, as is the habit of some, but encourage one another."  FLOCK is all about families in community!


How does FLOCK work?


Registration is by family group. Using the information available, including children’s ages/grades, which nights of the week (once a month) work for your family, and other factors, the FLOCK team will group families into flocks, which are small groups of 4-7 families that will journey in faith together throughout the year.

On their designated monthly FLOCK Night, at least one adult from each family  [parent or parents, grandparent, godparent, or other caring grownup] and their children gather at Church and join the other families in their flock [small group]. Guided by their Catechist [leader] and helpers, families have an interactive evening of prayer, learning, and activities. After FLOCK Night is over, families take home a monthly Theme Kit full of materials they will use throughout the coming weeks, guided and supported by their Catechist. 

During the weeks of the month when your flock doesn’t meet, FLOCK families work on the activities in their Theme Kit and communicate with their Catechist regularly to make sure everyone is in the loop and feels connected to each other. In addition to email updates, by using the Flock Note texting software, communication is simple and convenient. Families can easily stay connected to their Catechist, to each other, to Faith Formation leadership, and to St. Paul Church as a whole.

Key Dates for 2020-2021:

  • Family Registration: October 1-12, 2020
  • Flock groupings finalized and schedules distributed: October 22, 2020
  • Flocks begin their monthly meetings: November
  • Flocks finish their meetings: May
  • FLOCK end-of-year celebration: Mary 23, 2021

What will we do together?

Crafted to be relevant and appropriate to the combination of diverse ages/needs within a flock  groupings, FLOCK includes four guiding principles:

Prayer: Saint Mother Teresa said, “Prayer makes your heart bigger, until it is capable of containing the gift of God himself.” FLOCK will help families strengthen how they pray together, in ways we might all know already and also by learning new ways that we can pray.

Bible: our monthly FLOCK themes follow the cycle of Bible readings, called the lectionary, that everyone hears proclaimed at Mass. FLOCK encourages and empowers children/teens and parents/adults to grow closer to Jesus Christ who is present in the Scriptures.

Mass: because Sunday [weekend] Eucharist is such an important moment each week to celebrate, worship, rest, and remember, the entire FLOCK experience is crafted to be lived out and deepened by each family’s presence at the weekend  liturgy. Throughout the year we will work on learning more about who is who at Mass [it’s not just about the priest or deacon!], why we celebrate the way we do, what we “put in” and  “get out” of Mass, and how Jesus draws us closer to himself and to each other in this way.

Service: Jesus inspires each of us to think about, pray for, and serve others who are in need. We seek to serve others as individuals, as families, and as a whole St. Paul Catholic Church community. FLOCK will provide many opportunities for service throughout the year, and we are excited to see all the new and creative ways our families  will reach out to all our neighbors!

What is the cost?

FLOCK has a simple tuition structure.

  • 1 child = $75 total for family FLOCK
  • 2 children = $150 total for family FLOCK
  • 3+ children = $200 total for family FLOCK

Special years like Second Grade (First Reconciliation/First Holy Communion) or Junior Year (Confirmation preparation) incur no additional costs.

Registration for 2020-21 FLOCK is available online here.

Tution payments for 2020-21 FLOCK may be made here. 

Questions or other feedback? Please contact Maggie Melchior, Coordinator of New Evangelization & Faith Formation.