Combined Locks, Wisconsin

Health & Safety Guidelines for FLOCK

Families Living Our Catholic Koinonia

2020-2021 Health & Safety Guide

The health and safety of our all families, volunteers, and community is important to us. 

We have implemented the following guidelines for FLOCK Family Faith Formation.

Parent/Guardian Responsibilities:
  • If you or your child is not feeling well or has symptoms of Covid-19 please do not attend. Communicate to your Catechist in advance when you will miss a FLOCK Night.
  • Please arrive on time to  your FLOCK Night or a few minutes early. Just like at Mass, temperatures will taken and hand sanitizer distributed to everyone upon arrival
  • Please encourage your children to use the restroom at home and/or before the session begins. We want to minimize traffic to and from the restrooms during FLOCK Nights.
  • Please use the entrance and exit by the parking lot, the West doors (this is the usual entrance for Faith Formation from previous years).
  • Masks are required for everyone who enters the Saint Paul Catholic Church building. Masks can be any color or design. 
  • Masks that can be disruptive or offensive are not allowed (such as masks with political messages, violent or graphic depictions, innuendo, offensive language).
Saint Paul Catholic Church Responsibilities
  • All staff and volunteers are aware of our safety expectations. Staff and volunteers follow the same guidelines listed for parents on the previous page.
  • Before FLOCK Night set up, all tables in the parish hall will be sanitized with disinfecting wipes. After FLOCK Night ends, tables will be wiped down again and the parish hall will be sanitized.
  • All staff and volunteers have completed VIRTUS® Protecting God’s Children Training from the Diocese of Green Bay, have passed the requisite eApps background check, have agreed to the Diocesan Code of Pastoral Conduct for Volunteers and have agreed to the Safe Environment Social Communications Policy for the Diocese of Green Bay.
What happens if...

… we have a positive Covid test in our household?

Please stay home, inform Maggie and your Catechist, and know we are praying for you! We will stay closely in touch via the FlockNote texting/email or by phone.

...we suspect our household have been exposed to someone who has been diagnosed with Covid-19?

Please stay home, inform Maggie and your Catechist, and know we are praying for you! We will stay closely in touch via the  FlockNote texting/email or by phone.

If you have further questions, please reach out!
We want  you and your family to feel safe at Saint Paul Catholic Church.
Your health and safety are of the utmost importance to us.