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Prayer is a gift.

Prayer unites us, lightens our burdens, and connects us with God. If you have someone or something on your heart, click on the image above and post your prayer intention on the wall. Join the St. Paul Community in praying for all the intentions posted here. 


  • David P CarrollPosted on 10/03/21

    God Bless You All.

    I light a candle for the
    Sick and suffering
    Tonight and I'll pray
    All Through the night
    That our savior Lord
    Jesus Christ heals
    Them tonight Amen
    Peace and love to you all.

  • David P CarrollPosted on 7/12/21

    Lord Jesus Christ.

    Dear Lord Jesus
    You are in my heart
    Day and night and
    You are my strength
    And my hope in life and
    I'm so very grateful
    For you in my life
    And you hold me tight
    In your heart softly
    Kissing me day and
    Night and you make me
    Stronger every day and
    I love you more
    With each passing day
    Amen Lord Jesus Christ.

  • Robin T. PricePosted on 4/06/21

    Prayers of thanksgiving that Bob doesn’t have a paralyzed vocal cord and for all the improvements he’s made. Also that his right side will function again.

  • MaddyPosted on 1/28/21

    Prayers for my grandma and grandpa.



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