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Father's Reflections Twenty-Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time

Oct 6, 2017

Dear St. Paul Family,

Our Fall Festival is finally here!  Come on down to Vandenberg Hall after Mass to enjoy some good food, music, and all the festivities.  There is something for everyone so come on down and have a good time.  As of the printing of this bulletin earlier this week we had less than 100 raffle tickets available to sell.  Tickets are $20/each with the grand prize at $5,000 and 49 other cash prizes.  We will only be selling 1,200 tickets so your odds of winning are 1:24.  Let’s all work together to make this year’s Fall Festival a wonderful celebration for our parish.

Please note in the Mass schedule for this week that there will be no Mass here at St. Paul Tuesday or Wednesday this week.  All of the active priests will be gathered together for our annual Clergy Congress.  Some of the retired priests will be at other parishes in our area, so if you want to go to a daily Mass I am sure there will be a Mass available for you to go to somewhere in our area.  Sorry for this inconvenience.

Next weekend, Msgr. John “Jed” Patrick from the Diocese of Marquette will be with us to talk about the work of Cross Catholic Outreach.  It has been about 5 years since Cross Catholic Outreach was last here at St. Paul.  There will not be a special collection for Cross Catholic Outreach, rather Msgr. Patrick will let you know how you can support the work of Cross Catholic Outreach if you are interested in supporting the work that they do for the missions throughout the world.

Have a Wonderful Week!

Fr. Andy