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Father's Reflections The Transfiguration of the Lord

Aug 4, 2017

Dear St. Paul Family,

Next weekend Deacon Jose Lopez, one of our diocesan seminarians, will be with us to speak on behalf of the annual Seminary Appeal collection.  Again this year, instead of taking up a 2nd collection the diocese is doing a direct mailing to your homes.  Please be as generous as you can once again this year to support the formation of our seminarians.  They want to be your priests one day, let’s help them today so that they will one day be able to provide the sacraments for us.  On a personal note I want to thank you for your past support which has helped me through the seminary so that I am able to be your pastor today.  We should all be mindful that of the 157 parishes in the diocese, St. Paul Parish is one of only about 30 free standing parishes that has its own full-time pastor.  This should be a reason for all of us to give generously and joyfully for how God is blessing us.  Thank you on behalf of the seminarians for your generosity.

If you will be traveling out of town this summer and you need to find a parish to go to Mass please use to find a Catholic Mass.  It is always a good idea to call ahead just to confirm the Mass time at the particular parish that you will attend.

Have a Great Week!

Fr. Andy