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Father's Reflections Fourth Sunday of Advent

Dec 21, 2018

Dear St. Paul Family,

Merry Christmas to you and all of your loved ones!  Whether you regularly attend Mass here at St. Paul, or are visiting from another area, or if you have just fallen out of the practice of going to Mass on a regular basis, I am grateful that you are here celebrating with us here at St. Paul this Christmas.  If you have been away from the Church for a while, Welcome Home!  It is wonderful that you are with us.  We hope that you will now once again join us every Sunday and Holy Day of Obligation.  The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is the most important thing we do as Catholics.  Regular participation in Sunday Eucharist and the Sacramental life of the Church is vital to who we are.  I often tell young people that if they have a best friend, they didn’t just all of a sudden become best friends, but it happened over time.  For one to become a best friend we must spend time with them and our relationship grows over the course of time.  If we want our relationship with Jesus to grow, we must spend time with Him.  We have a wonderful parish community here at St. Paul.  How much more wonderful we could become if every Catholic would become more engaged in the Sacramental life of the Church.  In order for this to happen to its fullest potential, we need everyone to help.  If every Catholic could bring just one Catholic back to Mass with them in the next year, this may even be yourself, how much more beautiful our Church could become.  If every Catholic would become just a little more engaged in the parish community in the next year, how much more Fully Engaged and Fully Alive our parish would be. 

At this time of year we give gifts to family and friends.  We also have the gifts of ourselves to bring to the New Born King.  We all have gifts to bring.  How can we share the gifts we each have been given to the Lord and to His Holy Church?  If we just sit back and wait for something to happen, it probably won’t.  The Lord needs all of us to build up his Kingdom here on Earth.  Let us ask ourselves these questions, “How can I build up the Kingdom of God here on earth this coming year?  What gifts do I have to offer?  How can I become more engaged in regular celebrations of Sunday Eucharist and the Sacramental and Communal life of the Church this coming year?  How can I love and serve the Lord better with the gifts that I have been given?”  What is the gift that you and I have yet to offer the Lord and his Holy Church?  Let us rejoice for our God has come to save us, and continues to come to us on the Altar every time we gather to celebrate the Eucharist.  What a GIFT the Lord gives to us!  Will we accept His gift with open and grateful hearts?  Will we give the gift of ourselves back to Him in gratitude for all he has and continues to do for us?  Merry Christmas!

Fr. Andy


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