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Father's Reflections Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Feb 2, 2018

Dear St. Paul Family,

Maybe you know somebody who needs help working through a problem.  Catholic Charities is a great place to refer people.  The counseling services available through Catholic Charities provide people in darkness the inspiration they need to turn things around.  Mental health issues, poverty, debt management, bankruptcy, drug or gambling addiction, family conflict, pregnancy, adoption and parenting support are all ways Catholic Charities helps people resolve problems and directs them on a path to a better life.

This weekend kicks off our 2018 Bishop’s Appeal; Embracing a Life of Discipleship.  This is the largest appeal the Diocese conducts each year and once again we need everyone’s help to make our appeal assessment.  This year our assessment for St. Paul Parish is $54,301.  This money is used to help over 40,000 families and individuals in need each year through Catholic Charities right here in our own diocese.  It is also used to subsidize the many different departments that make up the diocesan offices that provide direct support to every parish throughout the diocese each year.  The Bishop’s Appeal is used to help all of the parishes throughout the diocese with various programs and other help that we as a parish would not be able to afford to hire others to do on our own.  We do need everyone’s help.  If you have never given to the Bishop’s Appeal or if it has been a while since you have contributed, please consider making a gift this year.  If you are able, I invite you to join me by becoming a member of the Crozier Society, or if you are currently a Crozier Society member to once again give at that level.  Those who give $500 a year or more to the Bishop’s Appeal are Crozier Society members.  Members of this society receive the Compass Newspaper, are invited to Mass and dinner with Bishop Ricken, and are a member of the Golden Circle here at St. Paul.  No matter what level you are able to give, please be as generous as you can with this year’s appeal.  There are many ways in which our parish benefits from the Bishop’s Appeal.  This week you will be receiving your pledge card in the mail.  Please respond as soon as you are able so that we can make our appeal assessment for this year.  In 2017 we made our appeal goal in record time by April 15th, the earliest this parish has ever reached its goal.  With everyone’s help we will be able to meet our appeal goal even earlier this year.  Thank you for whatever you are able to give to the 2018 Bishop’s Appeal as we as a Church work together to Embrace a Life of Discipleship.

Have a Good Week!

Fr. Andy