Combined Locks, Wisconsin

High School Retreats

We are on-the-go most days from the moment we wake up until the moment we fall back into bed late at night. With sports, jobs, school, family obligations, friendships, and so much else, high schoolers rarely have time for silence and reflection. Retreat experiences allow for space and silence from our everyday lives, chances to connect with God in new ways, and opportunities to learn about our faith in new ways and form community with others.

Transform: High School includes a Retreat Requirement. During the 9-10th grade years, all students must choose one retreat experience to attend per year. At least one is required; but more than one would be fantastic! Note: the Theology of the Body Retreat does not “count” toward this requirement.

A note about cost: All retreats cost money; speaker costs, logistics, venue rentals, music, sound/light set ups, food, etc. Because the retreat requirement is so important, each high schooler’s Retreat Requirement will be paid for out of the Faith Formation Tuition (excepting large, multi-day trips like the March for Life Pilgrimage, Catholic Heart Workcamp, or Steubenville Youth Conference, etc.) Retreat experiences above and beyond the one required retreat will be at the student’s/family’s expense, with the assistance of fundraising, sponsorship, and scholarships. Please ask Maggie for clarification if necessary.


Retreat Options for the 2013-14 Year Include:

Catholic Youth Expeditions (Various options throughout the year)

St. John Bosco Youth Day (October 5, 2013)

*March for Life (January 28-23, 2014)

Living Justice Conference (March 22, 2014)

Wisconsin Catholic Youth Rally (March 29, 2014)

Celebrate 2014! (Ordination Mass/Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help/Bay Beach) June 7, 2014

*Catholic Heart Workcamp OR Alive in You Work Mission (dates TBA,pending student interest, summer 2014)

*Steubenville Youth Conference (dates TBA, summer 2014)

*these multi-day trips are an additional cost, rather than being included in tuition. They usually cost between $400-$500; fundraising opportunities available!