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Transform Faith Formation

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Transforming Lives in Christ 

The St. Paul’s Faith Formation program, Transform, seeks to reach out to parish families and assist parents in their children’s religious education.

We Believe

  1. The Church teaches that the home is the most important environment for the seed of faith to take root.
  2. A faith formation program always ASSISTS, but never replaces, the influence of the family on a young person’s faith.
  3. Our children and youth must, by God’s grace, come to love Our Lord Jesus Christ and to love his Holy Catholic Church.
  4. It is our sacred duty to joyfully affirm all the teachings of the Catholic Church, articulated in the Catechism of the Catholic Church, in union with the Church’s Magisterium.
  5. Eternal life in heaven is our final goal.

The family is the primary context of faith experience, but the Church community must also rise up to lovingly pass on our faith to our children and youth. Catechists and volunteers are an essential part of any faith formation endeavor. Adults who deeply love the Lord, his Catholic Church, and the young people of the parish are always needed. Please pray about being a catechist or volunteer!
Altar Serving Sign Up! (please return to Maggie in the Faith Formation Office or Cassi in the main office)